Velofix, North America’s largest fleet of premium Mobile Bike Shops, launches in San Antonio


Velofix, a mobile bike shop franchise is riding into San Antonio in style, courtesy of new team member Cindi Snell. Snell, also a Geekdom community member, has much experience in the retail bicycle business, having worked with San Antonio’s B-Cycle program, along with other industry cycling leaders in the local market.

Velofix brings a new kind of disruption to the city, after hundreds of franchises have launched successfully in locations across the United States and Canada, providing services through its mobile unit from repairs to product sales to learning sessions.

“With the cycling community in San Antonio continuously growing, Velofix will provide a service that shakes up the industry and provides more convenience and education with easier access for cyclists and cycling enthusiasts, whether they are just getting into the sport, ride competitively or for leisure, or have questions about any and all things related to bike maintenance and bike sales,” said Snell.

Velofix is North America’s largest fleet of mobile bike shops. That, accompanied by people who simply desire the convenience of home or office mobile bike repair and sales, opens up a prime market for Velofix services.

The Velofix concept is all about helping riders save time and ride more. Providing service both residentially, at a customer’s home, or commercially, at a place of business, through corporate lunchtime learning sessions that cover bike safety and basic maintenance, the Velofix promise is to offer a premium service experience at a location most convenient to our customers at a price equal to or less than traditional bike shops.

“Velofix is an opportunity to do what I love in a way that really puts the customer first.” With her years of experience and knowledge, we know she is going to make riders in the Alamo City market extremely happy,” Velofix Co-Founder and CFO Davide Xausa said. “We are thrilled to have Cindi’s team up and running and support the newest Velofix market in San Antonio.”

About Velofix
Founded with a passion for cycling, Velofix was launched in Vancouver in 2012 by Chris Guillemet, Boris Martin and Davide Xausa, who share a common belief that bicycles can help change the world. Charles Chang of Lyra Growth Partners (who recently sold Vega/Sequel Naturals) has also joined as an investor. Velofix is now operating in every major Canadian market, with plans to expand to a total of 75 franchises across North America.

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