SAN ANTONIO (September 12, 2017)
– San Antonio’s tween and teen population is gearing up to be a part of the ever-growing tech scene in the city. This Saturday, September 16 at ESC Region 20 Conference Center (1314 Hines Rd., Building 4, 78208), more than 800 students and family members, as well as 150 volunteers will work together to learn about cyber security, design video games, and code in java and python at the sixth annual San Antonio Youth Code Jam, a free event sponsored by Rackspace, the 80/20 Foundation, and ESC Region 20.

Youth Code Jam is a learning environment that encourages collaboration, connection, communication, and creativity. When individuals learn to code, they learn problem solving, logic, design and critical thinking.

Ken Mercer, Texas School Board of Education Member for District 5, will be one of the special guests of the event – working with and observing the students as they use technology to build, make, and create.

Youth Code Jam is the state’s largest youth coding event. The goals for the San Antonio Youth Code Jam include:

  •  Creating opportunities for youth to explore computer programming, robots, cyber security, and other technologies;
  • Providing an interactive space for parents and children to learn together;
  • Connecting these hands-on activities to core curriculum and 21st century skills, like systems thinking, logic and critical reasoning;
  • Developing a community ecosystem that supports youth in their learning;
  • Providing an opportunity for industry professionals to give back and share their expertise with students and their families; and
  • Preparing students for jobs of the future.


Sponsors of the event include the 80/20 Foundation, Rackspace, and ESC Region 20. For more information, visit www.youthcodejam.org.


About Youth Code Jam

Youth Code Jam is a San Antonio-based nonprofit that inspires students to learn computer programming, builds their confidence in their skills, and helps them imagine themselves in the jobs of the future. In 2016, 1,950 participants took part in Youth Code Jam events and camps. To learn more about the organization and the movement, visit www.youthcodejam.org.

About 80/20 Foundation 
The 80/20 Foundation was established by Graham Weston, Co-founder and Chairman of Rackspace Hosting. Based on the Pareto Principle, the foundation invests in the 20% of the non-profits driving 80% of the social impact turning San Antonio into the next hub for entrepreneurship, promoting technology education for the high-skill jobs of our knowledge economy, and providing more urban options. For more information, visitwww.8020foundation.com.

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